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A very relevant attribute of Color Glo Cincinnati is our commitment to the environment and our commitment to be a GREEN COMPANY.

Our products must be safe for use in family environments.  Our franchisees are working in your home, your vehicles and your space.  Color Glo makes it a top priority to use pet/child friendly products in their everyday operations.

Color Glo International offers a complete line of environmentally friendly cleaning and restoration products like water based cleaners, deodorizers and conditioners. Our line of chemicals by Color Glo incorporates allergy free dyes and water based proprietary ingredients. Color Glo’s environmentally friendly products get the job done just as good or better than standard chemicals while lessening environmental impact.

Whether you are a trained technician or simply are looking for child safe products for your home, our line is inclusive to all of your needs.

For more than 30 years now, Color Glo International has been pro-active and in many instances, even ahead of regulations governing certain chemicals as we steadily moved towards a more environmentally friendly products line. Some of our most popular products were initially formulated with either no harsh chemicals or with water as the primary ingredient and are still as effective and safe if not much more, than the leading brands of cleaners and restoration products. Although most of our industrial products are custom formulated, we manufacture several water based product which have a very low VOC.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the effects that everyday chemicals have on the environment and their own health. Governments are responding by tightening regulations and forcing industries to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly practices- which is exactly what we have been doing at Color Glo since the very beginning!

* Important Information:  The information provided is believed to be accurate based on the scientific data from Color Glo International and is presented in good faith. The information presented is intended only as a source of information and given without guarantee and does not constitute a warranty. Since the conditions under which this information may be applied are beyond its control, Color Glo International can assume no liability for the result of the application.


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