Before and After Photos

Here is a small collection of some of the before and after photos of the leather furniture repair, leather furniture redye jobs, leather car seat and auto interior repairs, and extensive vinyl repairs performed by Color Glo Cincinnati. In addition to the furniture repair you see here, our expertly trained leather and vinyl specialist can also recolor leather furniture, fix furniture damage from cats and dogs, repair cigarette burns in leather and vinyl chairs, repair gym workout benches and fix doctors’ exam tables. Many people don’t realize that their stained or extremely sun-faded leather furniture can be recolored to like-new condition. Take a look! Then call Color Glo Cincinnati for a free estimate on restoring your once beautiful leather and vinyl furniture.


Before and after red couch repair pic. Giant tear restitched.

Chair seam repair– microfiber fabric.


Brown buttoned aniline leather ottoman extremely faded by the sun, the redyed to rich brown color.

Leather redye job – buttoned aniline leather ottoman faded by the sun.


Jaguar center console with a big hole and cracks, completely repaired to like new.

Repair of vinyl console in a Jaguar.


Yellow marine seats before and after restoration and recolor.

Restored a vinyl Sea-Doo boat seat that was very discolored by the sun.


Cracked and discolored blue and pink vinyl deck pad, completely fixed in second image.

Repaired and redyed a vinyl deck pad.


Giant hole in a brown leather couch with white stuffing coming out, resewn and fixed like new in the after picture.

Major restitching of a leather sofa badly damaged by a dog chewing it.


Before and after images of yellow vinyl boat pad very faded by the sun in the first image and restored to bright yellow in the second one.

Redye and full recoloring of a vinyl boat pad with bad sun damage.


Four photos, two showing a red buttoned sofa with lots of cracking and damage and two showing the same red sofa fully restored to like-new condition.

This buttoned oxblood leather sofa had bad damage from cracking across its surface which I repaired to like-new quality.

A picture of two car seats, one faded and discolored, the other restored to glossy brown.

Leather car seat badly faded by the sun, redyed to its original rich brown.